Axe Throwing

About The Experience


Epic Experience!

Sharpen your axe throwing lumberjack skills with our new facility. Bring your family and friends to experience this trending game sweeping the nation. Throw an axe at a target, get the spin of the hatchet and go for a bullseye. Extremely fun, and very fulfilling. If you like darts you'll love obliterating a wooden target with a real axe. Release the tension of your workday by destroying some wood.


The Experience

  • Real Metal Hatchets

    We use high quality real metal hatchets. You will be throwing a real axe like the pros you see on TV.

  • Custom Wood Targets

    Real wood from real trees. Nothing beats the feeling of sinking a metal hatchet into a target of lumber.

  • Player Stats Tracking

    Where the great outdoors meet cutting technology. Keep your score and track your lumberjack analytics.

Axe Throwing At Mazewood Niagara Falls

Unique Experience For Family And Friends